2020 ● Solo show  You Can Trust Me @San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, USA


You Can Trust Me: A New Dawn For America poses the question: can machines be more rational and reliable than humans? 

(Feb. 2020)

As we approach the US presidential election in November, Jingjing Lin introduces for the first time in history an AI Presidential candidate.

In a campaign video, the AI candidate delivers a passionate and detailed speech. The candidate explains how it will govern – taking in information, processing it, then using its mathematical computing power to calculate gains and losses prior to making choices and taking action. The AI candidate asserts that while it surpasses humans in logical reasoning and decision making, it is also untethered from biological and personality flaws and therefore exempt from personal scandals and political tyranny. It is the most reliable and trustworthy candidate to fulfill public service and civil obligations, and at the same time, satisfy the selection criteria of most voters.