2024 ● Solo show  Everything is Unreal Until It's Not   @ De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong  









2023 ● Solo show  Elsewhere  @Leila Heller Gallery, Dubai  





2022 ● Solo show  Elsewhere  @de Sarthe Gallery Hong Kong 

2020 ● Solo show  You Can Trust Me @San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, USA

Installation for 2020 Presidential election campaign for the first AI presidential candidate 


Title: You Can Trust Me


Starting from promoting a 2020 AI Presidential election campaign, the whole idea is first to create a socially responsible AI that can replace any human leader in the political sphere, then to eventually replace all representatives, institutions and soft infrastructure of government with robots.

Today, we have confirmed through various experiments that the machine can think;  cogitation is no longer a special talent unique to the human brain. The processing of information and action steps of the machine depends on its computing power, calculating the gains and losses by calculation. 

Can humans coexist indeed peacefully with the hyper-intelligent machines they create? 

Can machines be more rational or reliable than humans?

We see the machine is superior to humans in logical reasoning, information processing, and intelligent judgment. On top of that, machines transcend the physiological limitations and character flaws and contradictions of human beings. Rather than enduring the endless political scandals of each election cycle, the voting public can select an ethically

and morally consistent robot that will be reliable and trustworthy in discharging its civic duties and executing the will of the voting public. 

Can AI evolve into higher quality species than humans?

This absurd 2020 election campaign also probes our insecurities and exhaustion from the social obligations, using the proposal of complete displacement of the individual human for a simulacrum as a means to question how our current political reality is impacting our sense of what human collectivity is.


About Lov-Lov: Lov-Lov is a fabricated future company of custom-designed human-like AI partners, friends, family members, even President. Human customers can download the appearance, voice, memories, habits, intelligence, and moral perspective of any person of any time from human history. Lov-Lov aims to “allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their lives…” With this newfound power, human will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus “maximizing their satisfaction”. 


2019 ● Solo show  Lov-Lov Shopde Sarthe Gallery Hong Kong


2017 ● Solo show  Take Off @ de Sarthe Gallery Hong Kong

2015 ● Solo show  Tomorrow was Wonderful @ de Sarthe Gallery Beijing 


‘Tomorrow Was Wonderful" solo exhibition is showing Lin Jingjing's ‘China Dream’ series, the artist plays on one of the biggest buzzwords of current Chinese society.
The ‘China Dream’ is a recurring slogan in China’s current society, used to describe roles and aspirations of individuals and also those of the nation. Through her works, Lin examines how this ‘dream’ can have different interpretations for each person and invites her audience to consider these interpretations, and to compare and contrast them to the wider national context.
The exhibition features installations alongside Lin Jingjing’s surreally-colored canvases, allowing the viewer to lose their sense of reality and become immersed in hers, journeying through her imagination as she guides them through her interpretation of contemporary society.
The title, Tomorrow Was Wonderful, suggests an idea of looking back from the future with a sense of omniscience or hindsight at these personal and national aspirations with a sense of judgment.
In this time dominated by the idea of the Chinese Dream, the future is beautiful, a time of progress and achievement.
However, Lin suggests that perhaps when we get there, we will look back on our visions and aspirations for tomorrow and see warm memories fraught with an optimistic naivety rather than a reflection of reality.
This prompts us to consider this possibility not only in relation to the Chinese Dream, but also in relation to both our own lives and to history – past, present and future.
Think back to years ago. What did you think your life would be like today? What were your hopes for the future? Now, consider the present. Is it everything you dreamed it would be, or did expectation exceed reality? These are the questions Lin Jingjing asks her audience to reflect upon as they take in her works. These hopes and dreams and their discord with what comes to fruition are relevant not just on a personal scale, but also on a communal or national one. What are we told to believe; how many of our unrealized dreams were fed to us by outside forces, and what was their motive for leading us to wish for such things?

2014 ● Solo show  Promise Again for the First Time @ de Sarthe Gallery Hong Kong

2012 ● My Promise for Your Happiness Solo show 

Lin Jingjing                   in front of large mixed media work: My promise For Your Happiness @ Alexander Ochs Gallery                    2012





2011 ● Solo show. Rose Rose @Chile National Art museum plaza Trebol ,Concepcion,Chile          

curated by            Patricio Munoz Zarate

2011 ● Solo show. Rose Rose @Chile National Art museum plaza Vespucio, Santiago,Chile          

curated by            Patricio Munoz Zarate

2011 ● Solo show. Public privacy:Solo show@ White Box Art Museum/ Beijing             

Curated by Gu Zhenqing



2009 ● Solo show  “I Want to be With you Forever " took over 25000sqf of Songzhuang Art Museum in Beijing

Curated by Li Xianting 


Jingjing's large-scale (take up to 26000 sqf. museum space) solo show: I Want to Be With You Forever, was curated by Li Xianting, the renowned independent art critic and curator of contemporary Chinese art, known as the “Godfather of Chinese contemporary avant-garde” for Song Zhuang Art Museum in Beijing (2009).