"She addresses some of the most wrenching themes imaginable—death, loss, loneliness, betrayal

—with a remarkable sophistication and restraint, even at times a touch of humor."



From  Existential Beauty: The Art of Lin Jingjing

By Richard Vine (Art in America)



        In some impossible way it saved my self-respect and honor, but it also gave me a powerful message – that when you let something become absurd, it will turn into something else, and its qualities and direction are all subject to change. The thing that had dazed that boy actually never really existed. It was a kind of existence that comes from the infinite propagation of reality. Though this infiniteness is not real, it is enough to be absurd. It is a different kind of truth within untruth, the truth of invisible truth, the untruth that overturns truth, the persistence of absurdity. In fearlessness and certainty, it creates power. That boy’s retreat was the retreat of the imagination.

Many years later, I realized that this can be my contemporary art method.                -- Lin Jingjing


 From Urgent and Indefinite: the Method of Paradox





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