Adopting a methodology of Paradox, Artist Lin JingJing discusses intrinsic uncertainty, repressed anxieties, and the loss of individuality in contemporary society, which prefers representation over reality.

Building upon this concept, the artist, Lin Jingjing, explores Marc Augé's theory of "Non-Places," which refers to the transformation of personal and public spaces into impersonal and anonymous environments. Lin Jingjing elaborates on how contemporary forms of colonialism can be facilitated through new technology, resulting in the marginalization of identity as an independent individual.

Through a carefully woven series of interconnected artworks, she immerses audiences in an absurdist and imagined space. Different artworks function in relation to one another and collectively produce a powerfully critical narrative.


We are Free to Choose but We Are not Free From the Consequences of Our Choices: Departures        200 x 200cm LED display panel    2017

We are Free to Choose but We Are not Free From the Consequences of Our Choices: Arrivals        200 x 200cm LED display panel    2017

Are You in Pain?                                      Video              2'32"  2023




"She addresses some of the most wrenching themes imaginable—death, loss, loneliness, betrayal

—with a remarkable sophistication and restraint, even at times a touch of humor."



From  Existential Beauty: The Art of Lin Jingjing

By Richard Vine (Art in America)





Zoom in Find my Digital Soul in This Cruel World                30 x 30cm           Engraved marble stone               2019






Nobody Knows I was There, Nobody Knows I was not There: Private Memory    Installation      2009






Fall in Love A Million Times            300 x 200 cm           pigment print on canvas                  2019





Username or Password Incorrect                     Installation   2017            50 passports represented by real covers from different countries with each one presented on marble







We Have A Problem For Every Solution Since You Silenced Me                    Mix-media on Canvas                  160x100cm     2020                






Lin Jing jing’s work perhaps alludes to art emerging in a different form.

In terms of symbolic documentation, it has the power to restore certain things which have been lost, and in a certain way, to make them eternal.


By Maurizio Giuffredi (Art Curator from Italy)






Interdisciplinary Projects



Works by Media 


        In some impossible way it saved my self-respect and honor, but it also gave me a powerful message – that when you let something become absurd, it will turn into something else, and its qualities and direction are all subject to change. The thing that had dazed that boy actually never really existed. It was a kind of existence that comes from the infinite propagation of reality. Though this infiniteness is not real, it is enough to be absurd. It is a different kind of truth within untruth, the truth of invisible truth, the untruth that overturns truth, the persistence of absurdity. In fearlessness and certainty, it creates power. That boy’s retreat was the retreat of the imagination.

Many years later, I realized that this can be my contemporary art method.                -- Lin Jingjing


 From Urgent and Indefinite: the Method of Paradox


A New Dawn For America 2020: First AI Candidate presidential Campaign Speech                     Video  Installation       2019


A New Dawn For America: You can Trust me is a video installation (2018-2019) promoting a 2020 AI Presidential election campaign, the whole idea is first to create a socially responsible AI that can replace any human leader in the political sphere, then to eventually replace all representatives, institutions and soft infrastructure of government with robots.



We see the machine is superior to humans in logical reasoning, information processing, and intelligent judgment. On top of that, machines transcend the physiological limitations and character flaws and contradictions of human beings. Rather than enduring the endless political scandals of each election cycle, the voting public can select an ethically

and morally consistent robot that will be reliable and trustworthy in discharging its civic duties and executing the will of the voting public. 


This absurd 2020 election campaign also probes our insecurities and exhaustion from the social obligations, using the proposal of complete displacement of the individual human for a simulacrum as a means to question how our current political reality is impacting our sense of what human collectivity is.



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