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Lov-Lov (2017-2023) explores how technology is changing human relationships, reshaping our humanity, and what it means to be human. This absurd yet poetic interdisciplinary project delves into the significance of humanity in the age of artificial intelligence. As humanity foots the bill for its ever-expanding greed and insatiable desires, morality is continuously challenged and evaded, leading to collective ignorance and denial. Technological advancement continues to progress under the guise of efficiency and convenience. Automation technology is filled with potential, while also sparking unprecedented concerns. The world's best chess players are no longer human, prompting the question, "What does it mean if the best lovers and life partners are no longer human?"






The 6-channel video You Need To Be Careful With Me: I Fall In Love And I Fall In Love Forever (2019) simulates an engaging commercial television advertisement. Using appropriated footage and images from movies and the internet in combination with dynamic commercial language, the artist introduces the audience to an all-new AI lover. While the video resembles a public service announcement, the world it presents appears dystopian. The seemingly affectionate title is suggestive of a double entendre as the word “forever” may be implying non-human. In Lov-Lov’s world, consumers can freely download the appearance, voice, behavior, memory, wisdom, and even humor of any human in history, such that they may maximize their happiness and satisfaction.
















































Today, our emotional makeup and our tapestry of needs are different from those of past generations. In fact, love is becoming increasingly selfish. Vanity and the pursuit of unrealistic shallowness have already brought pain to many of us. Modern individuals are seeking shortcuts from various aspects of life, leading to a disarray that results in anxiety, unease, aversion to rejection, and fear of judgment. This has prompted many to gravitate towards new ideal relationships and lifestyles that involve non-human service providers.











If artificial intelligence were indistinguishable from humans in appearance and manufactured according to exact customer specifications, people could choose any individual from a vast database as a model and freely download that individual's personality, appearance, voice, habits, memories, thinking abilities, and moral beliefs. This would inevitably see unprecedented development and implementation with astonishing accuracy and precision, much like the ever-improving pixel count in cameras. Humans would gain access, through simple financial transactions, to the most elusive human freedom: liberation from others, their weaknesses, preferences, and any uncompromising independence.

People would be endowed with absolute autocracy over their personal experiences, realities, and communities. This new power to rid oneself of insecurity and fully control one's life and relationships maximizes happiness. Social relationships become downloadable, replicable, rewritable, and optimized. Once custom, technology-driven relationships are widely accepted in society, they not only completely eliminate people's dependence on other humans and interpersonal relationships but also overturn our definitions of identity, emotions, community, and morality.

The relentless expansion of the desire to "acquire" and the diminishing interest in "giving" would ultimately become everyone's reality.







"Unconditional Love and Companionship on Call" (2019) showcases a society entirely constructed by artificial intelligence, customized based on user data. In this new society, humans are no longer burdened by interpersonal relationships, as the desires for social harmony, intimacy, and belonging have been comprehensively addressed. Technology incorporates these needs into a closed and manageable system, eliminating any possibility of unwanted conflicts. "In a world so perfect, would humans be willing to terminate their relationships with other humans (and even all other natural life) and live happily ever after in an artificial simulation?"




Special mind-altering medication.

A pharmacy that showcases the greatest satisfaction possible, allowing humans to alter their sense of reality; in a sense, an individualized shortcut to wide-scale social engineering which will help humans quickly purchase feelings they have deeply longed for but have trouble retaining such as love, respect, care, friendship, trust, gratitude, intimacy, and sense of connectedness.





We Have Solutions (2019)

Using paradoxical concepts and humorous language, Lov-Lov comments on the direction of our political, cultural, and social development, discusses the influence of reality on how we perceive general humanity and the unease we share as a collective. The artist hopes that the pressure of living in the technological era will urge us to reconsider what it means to be human.





















































































(A book written by an AI author)

The Human Element And Why We Don’t Need It.


Second To None- You can Trust Me (2019) is the slogan for Lin’s 2020 Presidential Election project, in which she encourages voters to opt for a socially responsible AI president.

Lin’s cubic projection installation A New Dawn For America (2019) introduces, for the first time in history, an AI presidential candidate. Cast through five projections atop a single white cube, the video delivers a passionate and detailed speech given by the AI candidate. The candidate tackles the most sensitive and complex of social issues and demonstrates its ability as a future leader with daring vision. While AI surpasses humans in logical reasoning, information processing, and making intelligent decisions, it is also untethered from biological and personality flaws, and incapable of personal scandals and political tyranny. It is the most reliable and trustworthy candidate in terms of fulfilling public service and civil obligations, and it satisfies the selection criteria of most voters.



A New Dawn for America          Video 2019


Installation for 2020 Presidential election campaign for the first AI presidential candidate 


Title: You Can Trust Me


Starting from promoting a 2020 AI Presidential election campaign, the whole idea is first to create a socially responsible AI that can replace any human leader in the political sphere, then to eventually replace all representatives, institutions and soft infrastructure of government with robots.



Can humans coexist indeed peacefully with the hyper-intelligent machines they create? 


Can machines be more rational or reliable than humans?


Rather than enduring the endless political scandals of each election cycle, the voting public can select an ethically and morally consistent robot that will be reliable and trustworthy in discharging its civic duties and executing the will of the voting public. 


Can AI evolve into higher quality species than humans?

This absurd 2020 election campaign also probes our insecurities and exhaustion from the social obligations, using the proposal of complete displacement of the individual human for a simulacrum as a means to question how our current political reality is impacting our sense of what human collectivity is.







About Lov-Lov: Lov-Lov is a fabricated future company.

Lov-Lov aims to “allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their lives…” With this newfound power, human will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus “maximizing their satisfaction”. 






Social needs and group dynamics will no longer based on the requirements of a cooperative society, but on the individual’s selfish desires and goals.

In Lov-Lov’s world, people live trouble free and fully-pleased in their relationships as they socialize with intelligent, perceptive, cogent robots that satisfy all their needs for affiliation, intimacy and social integration.


Lov-Lov perfect society will allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their own lives and interpersonal relationships. With this newfound power, human beings will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs in their social groups, thus maximizing their happiness. 

70-Minutes Documentary Film

(Estimated completion time of the film: Dec. 2023) 


Lov-Lov (film) is an absurdist, narrative, 70 minutes documentary film as the newest exploration of the Lov-Lov interdisciplinary project.

Lov-Lov is a fabricated company of custom-designed AI partners, friends, family members, even President. Customers can download the appearance, voice, memories, habits, intelligence, and moral perspective of any person of any time from human history. Lov-Lov aims to “allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their lives…” With this newfound power, human will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus “maximizing their satisfaction”. 

Lov Lov (film) blurs how reality is perceived and idealized. Presented as alternating vignettes, the film moves between documented conversations with Lin and fellow artificial biologists, virtual reality researchers, art historians, artists, and writers around the subject matter, conceptual auteur, and interpretations of the socio-cultural implications.


This presentation considers many facets of the issue at hand: 

If our desires can be met without limit by technology;

If we can have instant love, respect  and across the board dedication;

If we don't have to care about the existence of others;  

If we can successfully allude setbacks and difficulties; 

Will we become unreachable, unable to think, and unable to communicate? 

Will the definition of freedom and honesty be subverted?

Will we be trapped in a post-human wilderness, becoming a cruel and ridiculous species?

Are we misunderstand the meaning of life?

What would it mean to be human?


Deeper analysis of these questions drive the narrative framework of the film. It poses questions about what we value, need, and desire. It reflects how human nature is shifting and traditional moral concepts are subverted and gradually rewritten.

To date, the presentation of the Lov Lov Project has taken form as multi-screen videos, a pseudo-marketing campaign of prints, neon installations, comments on the direction of our political, cultural, and social development. The film is devised to continue examining what the project has already begun to question, and how evoking this through the medium of film can present an alternative variation on the existing conversation, audience members will identify with individual values presented through the dialogues and be confronted with their own determinations about how possible this remains for the rest of humanity. 

Using paradoxical concepts, the act of building the storyline and production for this film is also an act of research and questioning that continues to shape the Lov Lov project as a broadly missioned body of conceptual work. It becomes both the process and the product to continue exploring the influence of reality on how we perceive general humanity and the unease we share as a collective.






Lov-Lov Project Exhibited @


Blue Star Contemporary 202-2021

Institute of Contemporary Art San Jose 2020-2021

de Sarthe Gallery Hong Kong 2019

SVA Gallery, New York 2019

Taipei Dangdai, Taipei 2019

Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

 “Light Year 55"- Video Art Exhibit projected onto the Manhattan Bridge,New York 2019