No One Puts Their Children in A Boat Unless The Water is Safer Than The Land        Installation               

I Heard All Truth Are Red And Expensive          Installation              37 x 65  x13 cm      2015

This is Beginning of My Desperation        Installation    laser cut acrylic                        1200x400x39cm     2017 

Whatever Survives                Installation                2015   

I have Yearned for Something I cannot Afford                    Installation      78 x 46 x 24cm                          2015

There Was Nothing Except Everything                 Installation          2015

All Good and Getting Even Better           40x40x40cm    install       2015

One Hundred Percent             installation       2015 

Rejected         Installation  Brass     50x60x7cm   2017

Never Ever                      Installation       2012 

Nobody Knows I was There, Nobody Knows I was not There: Private Memory    installation      2009

What Happened       Installation           Engraved on Used book         2020 

Everything is Going to be Fine                            Installation    78 x 46 x 24cm                                      2015

Never Gone , Never Arrived               Installation  2015

Silence                                       Installation                                                             2015 

Dialogue                Installation  2012




Truth                 Installation        2012 



Sound of Memory                Installation     2011



Never Apart                             Installation            2009