The Quick and Easy Way                Installation           Engraved on Used book         2020

Zoom in Find my Digital Soul in This Cruel World      30 x 30cm      Engraved marble stone      2019

         We are One Decision Away From Tragedy    70 x 6 x 6 cm    Engraved on wood          2021

No One Puts Their Children in A Boat Unless The Water is Safer Than The Land        Installation               2019

I Heard All Truth Are Red And Expensive          Installation              37 x 65  x13 cm      2015

Whatever Survives                Installation                2015   

I have Yearned for Something I cannot Afford                    Installation      78 x 46 x 24cm                          2015

There Was Nothing Except Everything                 Installation          2015

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All Good and Getting Even Better           40x40x40cm    install       2015

One Hundred Percent             installation       2015 

Nobody Knows I was There, Nobody Knows I was not There: Private Memory    installation      2009

What Happened       Installation           Engraved on Used book         2020 

Everything is Going to be Fine                            Installation    78 x 46 x 24cm                                      2015

Never Gone , Never Arrived               Installation  2015

Silence                                       Installation                                                             2015 

2012@Beijing  Alexander Ochs Gallery




Truth      Installation 2012@ Alexander Ochs Gallery Beijing



Sound of Memory                Installation     2011



Never Apart    




Song Zhuang Art Museum