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Installation  2017






This is an installation piece composed of 50 marble passports of 50 different countries, with the text and images from real passport covers faithfully engraved on much thicker marble at their original size. Passports are intended to prove the identity of the holder, demonstrating the legitimacy, recognition, and traceability of one's identity. Passports signify friendliness and establish that the holder is not a threat, allowing them to pass through customs. On the other hand, the heaviness, coldness, untraceability, and inability to flip through marble represent non-cooperation, non-validation, incommunicability, and refusal to compromise.

Using a material like marble to reproduce passports is an extreme paradox, where the meaning of individual identity is undermined, stripped, and erased, highlighting the unverifiability and disallowance of proof of identity.














We are One Decision Away From Tragedy


Installation Engraved on solid wood 2020












The Quick and Easy Way


Installation Engraved on used book 2017
















The ongoing presence of violence, continuously employed as a quick and simple means of problem-solving, is disconcerting and disheartening. It represents a profound regression in our collective human nature and civilization. As Mahatma Gandhi wisely stated, "An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." This work invites reflection and transcending any primal instincts that drive us to resort to violence, calling for the collective wisdom of peace and understanding.


暴力的持续存在, 持续被作为一种快速简单的解决问题的手段是令人不安和沮丧的,它是我们集体人性和文明的深刻倒退。正如甘地的明智之语:以眼对眼的最终只会让整个世界失明。该作品邀请反思并超越任何驱使我们动用暴力的原始本能,呼吁和平和理解的集体智慧。


One Hundred Percent


Installation 2015









One Hundred Percent is an installation artwork that extensively utilizes clothing tags produced en masse in factories as a unique material. By magnifying it, the artwork boldly proclaims that fantasy is a promise and advertising associated with mass production, offering feedback that in the realm of material consumption, it's not just about the products themselves but also about imagination and emotion.The inspiration behind this installation artwork stems from witnessing the frantic pursuit of fast consumption and large-scale production in modern society, as well as people's excessive reliance on materialism. By enlarging what is typically an overlooked small item - clothing tags - into a colossal installation, the artwork seeks to convey a powerful message: we live in a world dominated by labels, packaging, and mass manufacturing, where these tags were once promises of dreams and fantasies.The name of this installation artwork, "one hundred percent," signifies a commitment of the highest purity, but it also carries a hint of irony, questioning whether this commitment is truly worthy of our trust. The artwork prompts viewers to reflect on their roles in the material world, the satisfaction they derive, and their relationship with reality.








This is Beginning of My Desperation


Installation  laser cut acrylic  1200x400x39cm 2017 














This installation consists of twelve vibrant, transparent, hollow acrylic glass boxes arranged in a row, forming a rainbow-like spectrum of colors. The text on the boxes, including book titles, authors, publishing houses, and a line of simple yet resolute promotional phrases, is sourced from twelve top-selling self-help books. These books instruct individuals on how to swiftly attain happiness and joy. The sales figures of these books are remarkable, but even more remarkable is the depth of helplessness hidden behind the intense yearning.


这件装置作品由十二个色彩鲜艳、透明、空心的丙烯酸玻璃箱组成,它们排成一排形成了彩虹般的色彩。箱子上的文字,包括书名、作者、出版社,以及一行简单坚定的宣传句,来自12 本真实出版的排名前列的畅销书,教导人们如何迅速地获得快乐和幸福,这些书籍的销量是惊人的,更惊人的是在强烈的渴望背后,有多少深切无助的人们。

Whatever Survives


Installation 2015










Zoom in Find my Digital Soul in This Cruel World













No One Puts Their Children in A Boat Unless the Water is safer than the Land



Installation   2015










I Heard All Truth are Red and Expensive        



Installation   2015










I Have Yearned for Something I cannot Afford         



Installation   2015










All Good and getting Better         



Installation   2015













Installation   2017










Never Ever        



Installation   2012










Nobody Knows I was There, Nobody knows I was not There: Private Memory       



Installation   2009










What Happened      



Installation   2020










Everything is Going to be Fine      



Installation   2015









Never Gone, Never Arrived    



Installation   2015












Installation   2012












Installation   2015












Installation   2012










Sound of Memory



Installation   2012

























Never Apart



Installation   2009










There was Nothing Except Everything



Installation   2015