A New Dawn For America - 2020 AI Presidential Campaign Speech 


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Installation for 2020 Presidential election campaign for the first AI presidential candidate 


Title: You Can Trust Me


Starting from promoting a 2020 AI Presidential election campaign, the whole idea is first to create a socially responsible AI that can replace any human leader in the political sphere, then to eventually replace all representatives, institutions and soft infrastructure of government with robots.

Today, we have confirmed through various experiments that the machine can think;  cogitation is no longer a special talent unique to the human brain. The processing of information and action steps of the machine depends on its computing power, calculating the gains and losses by calculation. 

Can humans coexist indeed peacefully with the hyper-intelligent machines they create? 

Can machines be more rational or reliable than humans?

We see the machine is superior to humans in logical reasoning, information processing, and intelligent judgment. On top of that, machines transcend the physiological limitations and character flaws and contradictions of human beings. Rather than enduring the endless political scandals of each election cycle, the voting public can select an ethically

and morally consistent robot that will be reliable and trustworthy in discharging its civic duties and executing the will of the voting public. 

Can AI evolve into higher quality species than humans?

This absurd 2020 election campaign also probes our insecurities and exhaustion from the social obligations, using the proposal of complete displacement of the individual human for a simulacrum as a means to question how our current political reality is impacting our sense of what human collectivity is.


About Lov-Lov: Lov-Lov is a fabricated future company of custom-designed human-like AI partners, friends, family members, even President. Human customers can download the appearance, voice, memories, habits, intelligence, and moral perspective of any person of any time from human history. Lov-Lov aims to “allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their lives…” With this newfound power, human will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus “maximizing their satisfaction”.