Lov-Lov: Conversations About Humanity And Its Future

70-Minutes Documentary Film

(Estimated completion time of the film: Dec. 2023) 


Lov-Lov (film) is an absurdist, narrative, 70 minutes documentary film as the newest exploration of the Lov-Lov interdisciplinary project.

Lov-Lov is a fabricated company of custom-designed AI partners, friends, family members, even President. Customers can download the appearance, voice, memories, habits, intelligence, and moral perspective of any person of any time from human history. Lov-Lov aims to “allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their lives…” With this newfound power, human will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus “maximizing their satisfaction”. 

Lov Lov (film) blurs how reality is perceived and idealized. Presented as alternating vignettes, the film moves between documented conversations with Lin and fellow artificial biologists, virtual reality researchers, art historians, artists, and writers around the subject matter, conceptual auteur, and interpretations of the socio-cultural implications.


This presentation considers many facets of the issue at hand: 

If our desires can be met without limit by technology;

If we can have instant love, respect  and across the board dedication;

If we don't have to care about the existence of others;  

If we can successfully allude setbacks and difficulties; 

Will we become unreachable, unable to think, and unable to communicate? 

Will the definition of freedom and honesty be subverted?

Will we be trapped in a post-human wilderness, becoming a cruel and ridiculous species?

Are we misunderstand the meaning of life?

What would it mean to be human?


Deeper analysis of these questions drive the narrative framework of the film. It poses questions about what we value, need, and desire. It reflects how human nature is shifting and traditional moral concepts are subverted and gradually rewritten.

To date, the presentation of the Lov Lov Project has taken form as multi-screen videos, a pseudo-marketing campaign of prints, neon installations, comments on the direction of our political, cultural, and social development. The film is devised to continue examining what the project has already begun to question, and how evoking this through the medium of film can present an alternative variation on the existing conversation, audience members will identify with individual values presented through the dialogues and be confronted with their own determinations about how possible this remains for the rest of humanity. 

Using paradoxical concepts, the act of building the storyline and production for this film is also an act of research and questioning that continues to shape the Lov Lov project as a broadly missioned body of conceptual work. It becomes both the process and the product to continue exploring the influence of reality on how we perceive general humanity and the unease we share as a collective.