The Quick and Easy Way

Installation Engraved on used book

The ongoing presence of violence, continuously employed as a quick and simple means of problem-solving, is disconcerting and disheartening. It represents a profound regression in our collective human nature and civilization. As Mahatma Gandhi wisely stated, "An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." This work invites reflection and transcending any primal instincts that drive us to resort to violence, calling for the collective wisdom of peace and understanding.

暴力的持续存在, 持续被作为一种快速简单的解决问题的手段是令人不安和沮丧的,它是我们集体人性和文明的深刻倒退。正如甘地的明智之语:以眼对眼的最终只会让整个世界失明。该作品邀请反思并超越任何驱使我们动用暴力的原始本能,呼吁和平和理解的集体智慧。