One Hundred Percent




One Hundred Percent is an installation artwork that extensively utilizes clothing tags produced en masse in factories as a unique material. By magnifying it, the artwork boldly proclaims that fantasy is a promise and advertising associated with mass production, offering feedback that in the realm of material consumption, it's not just about the products themselves but also about imagination and emotion.The inspiration behind this installation artwork stems from witnessing the frantic pursuit of fast consumption and large-scale production in modern society, as well as people's excessive reliance on materialism. By enlarging what is typically an overlooked small item - clothing tags - into a colossal installation, the artwork seeks to convey a powerful message: we live in a world dominated by labels, packaging, and mass manufacturing, where these tags were once promises of dreams and fantasies.The name of this installation artwork, "one hundred percent," signifies a commitment of the highest purity, but it also carries a hint of irony, questioning whether this commitment is truly worthy of our trust. The artwork prompts viewers to reflect on their roles in the material world, the satisfaction they derive, and their relationship with reality.