Description: As we all know, hedge funds are using AI to beat the stock market, doctors are utilizing the machine to diagnose diseases more quickly and accurately. The new AI self-teaching and the self-operating system can outperform humans across a wide range of disciplines. The best chess players in the world are no longer human beings. What if the best lovers and life partners were also no longer human? 


This video starts with a tempting commercial advertisement introducing a new AI lover to an eager audience. Using images and footage appropriated from movies with text overlays, it presents a dystopian world where direct human interactions can be replaced by ordering a personalized robot tailored to meet our intimacy and emotional needs, thus altering our fundamental beliefs about the role of humans in human society. 


The physical appearance of these robots is no different from that of human beings. They will be fabricated to each customer’s exact desires and the robot’s inner character is created from an extremely comprehensive database of interests, personalities, and quirks; the datasets of internal and external characteristics include profiles of every living or deceased person known to human history. Customers can freely download any individual’s characters, appearance, voice, habits, memory, thinking ability, and moral perspective. The amazing accuracy and precision, like our ever-improving camera pixels, has been developed and implemented like never before. In the world of Lov-Lov, human beings can purchase their ideal emotional partner and romantic relationship in one simple financial transaction. In essence, they purchase the most evasive of human freedoms: freedom from other people, with their weaknesses, preferences, and—before Lov-Lov—uncompromising independence. Hence, at this point, humans are empowered as absolute individual dictators of their personal experiences, reality, and community.  AI lovers allow anyone to escape the threat of insecurities and take full control over their own lives and interpersonal relationships. With this newfound power, human beings will be able to constantly adjust and reset their rights and needs thus maximizing self-occupation and their happiness. 

In this imagined near future, any individual’s personality, unique consciousness, and wisdom can be converted into bits, downloaded, copied, rewritten, and then optimized in the form of a Lov-Lov robot. Once these customized, technology-driven relationships are widely accepted in society, not only will they completely eliminate people’s dependence on other human beings and interpersonal relationships, but subvert our definitions of identity, emotions, community, and morality. Paradoxically, the ultimate continual expansion of human’s desire for “taking” with diminishing interest in “giving” will eventually become a reality for everyone, a terrifying prospect we need to consider before it’s too late.