Installation view of “Lov-Lov Shop,” at de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019. 

de Sarthe is pleased to announce its fourth solo exhibition for Beijing- and New York- based contemporary artist Lin Jingjing, titled, Lov-Lov Shop. Lov-Lov (2018- ) is an absurd but poetic interdisciplinary project that explores the meaning and significance of humans in the age of artificial intelligence. As humanity pays for our growing greed and never-ending desires, morality is continually challenged and evaded, resulting in our collective ignorance and denial. Lov-Lov Shop opens on May 25 and runs through July 13.

Technological advancement continues unabated under the guise of efficiency and convenience. The new era of Automation Technology – namely artificial intelligence (AI) – is imbued with potential while raising unprecedented concerns. The best chess players in the world are no longer human beings, and Lin’s Lov-Lov Shop asks:  “What if the best lovers and life partners were also no longer human?” The 6-channel video You Need To Be Careful With Me: I Fall In Love And I Fall In Love Forever (2019) simulates an engaging commercial television advertisement. Using appropriated footage and images from movies and the internet in combination with dynamic commercial language, the artist introduces the audience to an all-new AI lover. While the video resembles a public service announcement, the world it presents appears dystopian. The seemingly affectionate title is suggestive of a double entendre as the word “forever” may be implying non-human. In Lov-Lov’s world, consumers can freely download the appearance, voice, behavior, memory, wisdom, and even humor of any human in history, such that they may maximize their happiness and satisfaction.

Taking over half the space, Lov-Lov Shop (2019) is an advertising campaign that promotes different models of ideal companions using exaggerated catchphrases. Expanding beyond romantic partners, the triptych Unconditional Love and Companionship On Call (2019) showcases a society constructed entirely of AI and customized based on Lov-Lov’s data analysis of the user’s upbringing and need for relationships and social validation. In this society, humans live unburdened by relationships as the AI takes into account our desires for social harmony, intimacy, and a sense of belonging. AI incorporates these needs into a completely closed and manageable system, eliminating the possibility for unwanted conflict and drama. Through this series, Lin asks desperately: “In a world perfect as such, will humans willingly terminate their relationships with other human beings (and even all other natural life) and live happily ever after in an artificial simulation?”

The absurdity of this notion is amplified in Lin’s Lov-Lov pharmacy series We Have Solutions (2019). This corresponding series advertises a medication regime perfect for indolent individuals. If you are too lazy to order an AI companion, all you need is a pill to experience love again and again – it is that simple and easy. Love, trust, friendship, respect, even spirituality, mysteriousness, and confidence – all are attainable, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. Is this not the shortcut to altering minds and reality that many long for? 

Second To None (2019) is the slogan for Lin’s 2020 Presidential Election project, in which she encourages voters to opt for a socially responsible AI president.

Lin’s cubic projection installation A New Dawn For America (2019) introduces, for the first time in history, an AI presidential candidate. Cast through five projections atop a single white cube, the video delivers a passionate and detailed speech given by the AI candidate. The candidate tackles the most sensitive and complex of social issues and demonstrates its ability as a future leader with daring vision. While AI surpasses humans in logical reasoning, information processing, and making intelligent decisions, it is also untethered from biological and personality flaws, and incapable of personal scandals and political tyranny. It is the most reliable and trustworthy candidate in terms of fulfilling public service and civil obligations, and it satisfies the selection criteria of most voters.

A neon light installation mirrors the cube. In theory, it is a book written by an AI author, titled, The Human Element And Why We Don’t Need It.

Using paradoxical concepts and humorous language, Lin Jingjing comments on the direction of our political, cultural, and social development. Lov-Lov Shop discusses the influence of reality on how we perceive general humanity and the unease we share as a collective. The artist hopes that the pressure of living in the technological era will urge us to reconsider what it means to be human.

德萨画廊荣幸地呈献驻北京及纽约的当代艺术家林菁菁的第四度个人展览-《Lov-Lov Shop》。Lov-Lov 是一个荒谬但又充满诗意的跨媒体艺术项目,旨在探讨人类在人工智能时代的身份和意义,我们为人类不断升级的贪婪和永无止境的欲望即将付出的代价,以及当道德观念和是非价值不断受到颠覆之后的群体盲目逃避和迷惘。展览《Lov-Lov Shop》将由本年525日展出至713日。


在降低成本和提高效率的大前提下,自动化技术 - 即人工智能(AI)为我们提供了一个充满潜能的新世界,也对人类提出许多前所未有的新质疑。世上最强的棋手已不再是人类,倘若最完美的恋人亦不再是人类又将如何?林菁菁的六屏幕视频作品「小心,当我坠入爱河,我将永生永世坠入爱河」(2019)模拟的是一出诱人的现代商业电视营销广告, 艺术家挪用了我们熟悉的剧情电影的片段和公共网络图像,并搭配了极具煽动色彩的广告用语,向人类推荐全新的人工智能恋爱伴侣。饱含爱意的温馨语句里夹杂了模凌两可的双关语,悄悄暗示机器爱人的永生永世未必和人类有关。该视频更像是一则公益广告,却呈现出一个反乌托邦的世界(dystopian)。在这个世界里,客户可以自由下载人类史上任何个人的外貌,声音,习性,记忆,智慧甚至幽默感,让客户最大限度地获得幸福感和满足感。


占领着过半展厅的「Lov-Lov Shop」(2019)是一系列模拟版画质感的大幅商业海报,以最夸张的句子,描述并展示着魅力四射的各色恋人样品。三联作品 无条件的爱和呼之即来的友谊」 则呈现的是 Lov-Lov 在对个体进行全方位的数据收集和信息分析之后,根据个体的成长经历,社会关系需求和自我认同需求,为个体定制的人工智能社会,在这样的社会里,人们无忧无虑地生活在他们虚拟的人际关系中,完全满足他们对归属,亲密和社会融合的种种需求,这些需求也被一一纳入于一个完全封闭且容易管理的虚拟系统之中,摒除任何不必要的冲突和不适。林菁菁透过这个作品焦急地向我们询问:存在于这样所谓完美的世界里,人类会真的心甘情愿完全切断与所有其他人类(或者说任何自然生命)的关系,而从此过上幸福的人工虚拟的生活吗?


这份荒诞继而被林菁菁以“Lov-Lov药房” 的海报作品:我们有解药 2019)推到极致,这个药房里所有的药方,纯粹是懒惰成性人士的福音,假如你连定制智能恋人都嫌麻烦,吞一颗药丸就能让你一次又一次地体验热恋的感觉无疑是个美妙绝伦的选择,如此简单明了,坐享其成,就能立刻感受到一贯渴求盼望的爱情,信任,友谊,尊重甚至灵性,神秘,自信等等,这难道不是许多人都在梦寐以求的迅速改变思想和现实感知的捷径么?




林氏的 立方体录像作品:「为美国定制一道崭新的曙光」(2019)第一次充分展示了人类有史以来第一位人工智能总统候选人的口才和风度,作品将五个视频投射到一个白色的立方体上,投影内容包括第一人称的人工智能候选人诚挚激昂的演讲,从最敏感,公众最纠结的社会问题入手,展示一位有远见,有魄力的未来领导人,不仅在逻辑推理,信息处理和智能判断方面都远远优于人类, 而且完全超越人类的生理限制和性格缺陷,绝对避免任何私生活丑闻或者政治垄断,在引导人们履行人类公民义务和执行人类公民职责方面,都将是最可靠和值得信赖的人选,也彻底符合绝大多数投票公众的意志。






Installation view of LIN JINGJING’s You Need to Be Careful with Me: I Fall in Love and I Fall in Love Forever, 2019, six-channel video installation with color and sound: 8 min 26 sec, installation: 130 × 224 cm, at “Lov-Lov Shop,” de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019. 

LIN JINGJINGThe Affection You Deserve, 2019, archival pigment print on canvas, 160 × 100 cm.

Installation view of LIN JINGJING’s The Human Element and Why We Don’t Need It, 2019, LED light, acrylic, 150 × 100 cm, at “Lov-Lov Shop,” de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019.



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