Lin Jing jing 's solo show at de Sarthe Gallery in Hong Kong 5th April 2014- 3rd May 2014

Eclectic and polyhedral artist with a deep focus on the human existence, Lin Jingjing is exploring issues of the modern society using wisely different mediums and often mixing them, in order to create her own narrative path and a constant and ceaseless dialogue with her audience. This artist questions the logic of restlessness and the sense of loss, the brutality of life and the crisis of relationships, always arguing the absurdity and paradoxes that we experience every day.



'Promise Again For The First Time' will be Lin Jingjing's first solo show in Hong Kong. In this exhibition, she would like to continue provoking people to think about the paradoxical reality and the virtual illusion that we all experience every day, as well as the sense of geographical belonging and the new generation of 'mental orphans'. Her purpose is to doubt promises and their persistence, arguing their importance in today's society.In this show, Lin Jingjing will explain how we all must find the possible in the impossible through skepticism.



Use of materials. Lin Jingjing has always been fascinated by photography, as she considers this medium a powerful virtual authority able to show the passage of time as well as its fragility, extant and vanishing evidence. Photography reminds the connection between past and present, moments of joy and sadness that document the impermanence of life and highlight the sense of loss.

Besides, sculpture has an important role as a medium through which Lin Jingjing  investigates the human condition, related to the themes of existence, pain of living and role of memories. Furthermore, performance is significant in Lin Jingjing work by which she can even more engage with her audience. Indeed, in her performances she is not the central character but she rather prefers to think and create a specific situation, through which involving people and questioning the human existence and all the painful situations related to it ('Rose Rose' performance).


Method of paradox. According to Lin Jingjing's introspective vision, understanding life is more real than culture and it transcends even history and politics. Her profound and meticulous observation of human behaviors let her understand the absurdity of life and that existence does not explain a meaning, but an infinite concept that could be seen as a dangerous defense, as she called in herprevious series 'Insecure Security'. Lin Jingjing argues that people are in front of paradoxes every single day especially facing the news from all over the world, about social and economic problems, becoming witnesses and survivors to tragedies and violence and experiencing the loss of hope. In her words: 


"It was a kind of existence that comes from the infinite propagation of reality. Though this infiniteness is not real, it is enough to be absurd. It is a different kind of truth within untruth, the truth of invisible truth, the untruth that overturns truth, the persistence of absurdity. In fearless and certainty, it creates power".


Living in today's paradox means also being victims of speed and abundance, forgetting the truly important things.


Memory. The importance of memories is playing a crucial role. From Lin Jingjing's perspective, the concept of 'memory' is definitely related to the one of pain. Recognizing this pain means recognize life and all other concepts into it, like desires, fears, control and balance. For instance, fear is an interesting emotion as it has always been a useful weapon in politics and power, because it can drive their mind to a nonexistent reality. What this artist is exploring trough her art, it is the understanding of what such pain brings to people and how this pain transforms itself in something else, something new, something different. Moreover, she underlines how cutting the connectionswith the past gives a sense of no longer existence, doubting who we really andactually are, burning in the hesitation and standing solid within the absurdity.

Solo Exhibition 
Take Off
Sep.16 - Oct. 2, 2017


Lin Jingjing "Take Off" Solo Show

De Sarthe Gallery

20/F, Global Trade Square, No. 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, 
Hong Kong

Opening hours : Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 7pm



Solo Exhibition 
Tomorrow Was Wonderful
JUNE 13 - August 2, 2015
DE SARTHE Hong Kong 
Solo Exhibition 
Promise Again For the First Time
April 5 - May 3, 2014

Lin Jing jing 's New Catalogue   "The Method of Paradox" is available 


林菁菁新画册《 悖论的方式》开始发售

"My Promise for Your Happiness" on the cover of 

TransnaTional Dialogues Journal 2014