Lov-Lov Documentary 

Lov-Lov is an absurdist, narrative, 70-minute documentary examining how rapidly developing technology and social media are changing our personal relationships and reshaping our humanity. 



In the film, Lov-Lov, a fabricated future company, invites customers to replace human romantic partners with custom-designed AI partners. Customers can download the appearance, voice, habits, intelligence, and moral perspective of any person, from human history.

If technology could give us absolute control over personal relationships, ignoring other’s needs and perspectives, would our most human qualities – spontaneity, imagination, passion – still matter? What would it mean to be human? 

The documentary poses questions about what we value, need, and desire. 


Interviews conducted with computer biologists, artificial biologists, experimental virtual reality researchers, computer simulations, art historians, artists, writers and experts from various other related industries, to conduct in-depth and meaningful discussions.