One Hundred Percent            Installation   2015


One Hundred Percent (2015) de Sarthe Gallery Beijing


Look Both Ways: The Illicit Between Image and Information (2019) 

August 24 through September 21,2019 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery. 


Lin Jinging’s work One Hundred Percent (2019)

in this work, Lin replaces the material description in a strip of commonplace, mass-produced clothing care labels with the word fantasy.


It was included in the School of Visual Arts exhibition Look Both Ways: The Illicit Liaison Between Image and Information. In the installation work, Lin replaces the material with the word fantasy in a strip of commonplace, mass-produced clothing care labels. 


The exhibition was curated by Debbie Millman, chair of the MPS Branding program at SVA. The exhibition brought together a wide range of typographic work from 60 individual artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, Dave Eggers, Deborah Kass, Jenny Holzer, Miranda July, Kim Gordon, and more, from Millman’s personal collection and beyond


Look Both Ways showcased the many ways in which words, text and information influence art, design, literature and music. Bold typographic expression has become the cultural currency of communication and the centerpiece of connection. Objects and experiences all around us now contain an inscription, an impression or a point of view. Our bodies, clothing, public events, sports, politics and even the products we consume have given people, by way of social media and the Internet, an instantaneous way to communicate globally. On an intimately personal level, tattoos have assumed the atavistic power that religious amulets once had to convey messages about ourselves, with the immediate power of images and words. This dynamic is evident today in all disciplines of visual communications, reflecting the condition of our culture.


One Hundred Percent (2019)                         Installation                     400 x 500cm x 80cm

Whatever Survives                Installation                2015                                 26 x 11 x 10cm



I have Yearned for Something I cannot Afford                     Installation    78 x 46 x 24cm                                      2015


Everything is Going to be Fine                            Installation    78 x 46 x 24cm                                      2015


There Was Nothing Except Everything                   Installation     2015


All Aspects of the Game       2015


I Heard All Truth Are Red And Expensive          Installation              37 x 65  x13 cm       2015


Never Gone , Never Arrived          Installation                    2015


Silence                                       Installation                                                             2015