Jingjing Lin is a conceptual visual artist whose work deals primarily with social-political themes.She is known for the wide range of approaches in her art, explores the depths of social and personal identity in the context of modern society, often examining themes such as confusion and quest, existence and absence, constraint and resistance through a lens of paradox. Of particular focus is how individuals define themselves amongst the effects of the outside world,vis-à-vis culture, politics, history and the economy. Her artwork spans performance, installation, painting, mixed media, video, sound, LED lights. The surreal effect created via this method immerses the viewers into another consciousness.

Jingjing ’s works have been exhibited in major public museums including Neues Kunstforum in Cologne(Germany), the National Art Museum of Chile in Santiago, the Long Museum in Shanghai, the Ivam in Valencia(Spain), the Kunstraum in Vienna, Galeria Herold in Bremen, Saint Mary’s University Art Museum in Halifax(Canada), the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery in Philadelphia, Ljubljana Castle in Slovenia, the Tikanoja Art Museum in Vaasa (Finland), the Nanjing Museum, the Du Land Modern Art Museum (Shanghai) and Song Zhuang Art Museum in Beijing.



Important Collection:


National Art Museum of China,Beijing,China

Ivam Museum,Valencia,Spain

Chile National Museum of Fine Art ,Santiago,Chile

The Mountain Group Museum , Taiwan 

Liu Hai Su Art Museum,Shanghai,China

He Xiang Ning Art Museum,Shenzhen,China

Tai Da Museum,Tian jing, China

Museum of the nation,Lima, Peru

White Box Art Museum,Beijing,China

Long Museum, Shanghai,China




TSBG 2013 Artist of the year(Germany)


Solo Exhibitions


2019  ●"Lov-Lov Shop" De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2018  ●"...I..." Performance,Residency Unlimited,New York 


2017  ●"Take Off" De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2015● “Tomorrow Was Wonderful" De Sarthe Gallery, Beijing,China

2014 ● "Promise Again for the First Time" De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong


2012 ●“ Possible of Impossible" Neues Kunstforum , Cologue , Germany


2012 ●“ My Promise for Your Happiness "Alexander Ochs Gallery , Beijing, China

2011 ●“The Method Of Paradox" Chile National Art museum plaza Vespucio,Santiago,Chile

2011 ●”Rose Rose " Chile National Art museum plaza Trebol ,Concepcion,Chile 

2011 ●“Public Privacy " White Box Art museum , Beijing, China

2009 ●“I want to be with you forever "Song zhuang Art Museum,Beijing,China 

2008 ● "Flying alone " Magee Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain


         ● "Dreamlike " Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibitions


2019  ●Escape From, Escape To, SVA Chelsea Gallery,New York, USA


2018  ●The Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, Centro Cultural Conti,CABA, Argentina


2016  ●"SHE",International Women Artists Exhibition,Long Museum, Shanghai,China


2016  ●"Half the sky",Red Gate Gallery,Beijing,China


2016 ●The Working of Non-Figurative System,Beijing,China 


2016 ●Standing by Themselves:China Now,De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong


2015 ●" 3rd Biennale Italy-China , Italy


2015 ●Stay Tuned,De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2015 ●Where Are We,De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2014 ●You,I,Among Us,De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2014 ● "CCTV",Galerie Herold,Bremen, Germany


2014 ● "Current Reality , Hidden Barriers" De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong 


2013 ●" Chinese Contemporary Art" Saint Mart 's university Art Museum,Nova Scotia,Canada


2013 ●" Group Show" de Sarthe Gallery,Hong Kong


2012 ●" First Biennale Italy-China , Villa Reale Di Monza, Italy


2012 ●" Short Cut "Alexander Ochs Gallery ,Berlin , Germany


2012 Phoenix Symphony: Female Contemporary Arts, Tree Art Museum, Song Zhuang, Beijing, China


2011 ●" Half the sky: women in the new of China " Leonard Pearlstein Gallery , Philadelphia, USA


2011 ● "Memory & Identity', MK2 Art Center, Beijing , China


2010 ● "Mind In Turmoil ,Hand Better Busy',Long De Xuan Art center ,Beijing ,China


2010 ● "The Possibility of Uncertainty "Song zhuang Art Museum,Beijing,China


2010 ,● “Cruzando El Horizonte " Chinese contemporary Art , Chile National Art museum ,Santiago,Chile


2009 ● Gemeinsam in Bewegung-Deutschland und Chinacontemporary art ,Wu han museum ,China


2008 ● 55 Days in Valencia , Chinese art meeting , Ivam museum,Valencia , Spain


2008 ● Time-Lag: The New Force of Chinese Contemporary Art,Magee Art Gallery,Madrid,Spain


2007 ● "Journey to the west " Kunstraum, Vienna, Austria


2006 ● Potential Dialogue -The party of Sino-Austria young artists , RCM ART Museum ,China,


2005 ● Archaeology of The Future” The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art, Nanjing Museum,China


2004 ● EAST OF EAST, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenja


2004 ● "One to one: visions—recent photographs from China" at Chambers Gallery, New York ,USA


2003 ● "The Different Same---contemporary Art exchange Exhibition,Du Land Modern Art Museum , Shanghai ,China


2003 ● "The First China Art Tri-annual Exhibition", Guangzhou Art Museum, China


2002 ● "Cultural Forum -- New Millennium Chinese Art works ", Tikanoja Art Museum, Vaasa, Finland







2019 ● Lov-Lov商店,de Sarthe 画廊,香港


2018 ● “我“ 行为演出 Residency unlimited 纽约


2017 ● “起飞” De Sarthe 画廊 香港


2015 ● “明天曾经无限美好” De Sarthe 画廊 北京


2014 ● “完美的诺言” De Sarthe 画廊 香港


2012 ● “完美的诺言”亚历山大奥克斯画廊 北京


2012 ● “不可能之可能” Neues Kunstforum,科隆,德国 

2011 ●“公共隐私”白盒子艺术中心 北京

2011 ● “悖论的方式” 智利国家博物馆,圣地亚哥,智利


2011 ● “玫瑰 玫瑰” 智利国家博物馆,康塞普西翁,智利

2009 ● “我要永远和你在一起”北京宋庄美术馆

2008 ● “一个人的飞翔”玛吉画廊 ,马德里,西班牙


         ● “似梦”刘海粟美术馆 ,上海,中国




2019 ● SVA Chelsea 画廊,纽约,美国


2018 ● de La Luz 摄影节,Cultural Center of Memory Haroldo Conti文化中心,布宜诺斯艾利斯,阿根廷


2016 ● 她,国际女艺术家展,龙美术馆,上海


2016 ● 半边天 红门画廊,北京


2016 ● 运行中的非形象 正观美术馆,北京


2015 ●“第三届意大利中国当代艺术双年展“ 都灵,意大利


2014 ● "CCTV"  Galeria Herold ,Bremen,德国


2014 ●“现实-障碍”De Sarthe 画廊 香港


2013 ● “中国当代观念艺术展”圣玛特大学博物馆,加拿大


2013 ● “群展” 德萨画廊,香港


2012 ●“首届意大利中国当代艺术双年展“ 蒙扎皇家宫殿,意大利


2012 ●“捷径“亚历山大奥克斯画廊, 柏林


2012年 “鸾凤齐鸣:当代女性艺术展”,宋庄树美术馆,中国北京


2011 ●“半边天:女性艺术家当代艺术展“德雷塞尔大学卓克索美术馆,费城,美国

2011 ●“记忆和身份”MKR 艺术空间,北京,中国


2010 ● “心纠手结”艺术展 ,龙德轩当代艺术中心,北京,中国

2010 ● “不确定的可能性”,北京宋庄美术馆


2010 ● “飞跃地平线-中国当代艺术展” 智利国家博物馆,圣地亚哥,智利

2009 ● “同行 – 德中当代艺术展” 武汉美术馆 

2008 ● “时差:中国当代艺术新力量”作品联展,玛吉画廊,马德里,西班牙


2007 ● “西游记--中国当代艺术展”,Kunstraum, 维也纳,奥地利 

2006 ● “潜在的交流” 中国—奥地利年轻艺术家的派对,南京南视觉美术馆

2005 ● “未来考古学” 第二届中国艺术三年展,南京艺术博物院

2004 ● “东方的东方“,利比阿那,斯洛文里亞 

2004 ● “ 一对一,来自中国的摄影” ,前波画廊 纽约 美国


2003 ● “不一样的一样”斯洛文尼亚中国当代艺术交流展,多仑现代美术馆 上海

2003 ● “首届中国艺术三年展”,广州艺术博物院 广州


2002 ● “芬兰中国艺术展”,芬兰TIKANOJA美术馆 芬兰






Email:        linjingjing@hotmail.com




Solo show


Username or Password Incorrect

22nd Feb. - 21st June, 2020




One Hundred Percent 




SVA Chelsea Gallery


Look Both Ways:The Illicit Liaison Between Image and Information, curated by Debbie Millman, brings together work from 60 artists.

24th August- 21st Sep. 2019

  • Reception: Friday, September 6
    6:00 – 8:00pm

  • SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, New York, NY

Solo Exhibition 
Lov-Lov Shop
May.25 - July. 6, 2019

"Lov-Lov Shop" review article by Brady Ng is published on Art Asia Pacific Issue 114 ,July 2019.

Lin Jingjing Book

'Lov-Lov shop" by De Sarthe 

Solo Exhibition 
Take Off
Sep.16 - Oct. 2, 2017


Lin Jingjing "Take Off" Solo Show

De Sarthe Gallery

20/F, Global Trade Square, No. 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, 
Hong Kong

Opening hours : Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 7pm



Solo Exhibition 
Tomorrow Was Wonderful
JUNE 13 - August 2, 2015
DE SARTHE Hong Kong 
Solo Exhibition 
Promise Again For the First Time
April 5 - May 3, 2014

Lin Jing jing 's New Catalogue   "The Method of Paradox" is available 


林菁菁新画册《 悖论的方式》开始发售

"My Promise for Your Happiness" on the cover of 

TransnaTional Dialogues Journal 2014